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Logs in Forest

Firewood Delivery

Northumberland Joinery has an established Firewood delivery service. This can be provided to both the public and the trade

Northumberland Joinery is accredited by Woodsure, the UK's woodfuel accreditation scheme

The Ready to Burn certification mark is available to wood log suppliers who can demonstrate to Woodsure their logs have a moisture content below 20% - this ensures the logs burn hot and clean 

Northumberland Joinery is also a Registered Professional Operator (RPO) with the Forestry Commission Plant Health Forestry. This confirms our operations in accordance with the Plant Health Regulation 2016/2031

All logs are seasoned, kiln dried and ready-to-burn-now. As standard, the loads of logs are a mix of hardwood and softwood. However, if you would like a specific % split of hardwood and softwood, we can accommodate this accordingly

Northumberland Joinery offers the firewood delivery service all year round, with a logistics system to ensure delivery is aligned with your schedule


The entire process is as natural as we can achieve – from when the timber is received to the product being processed as the very logs which are delivered to end customers

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